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    Congo (DRC) Kalemi National Airport

    Release Time:2017-9-11 9:21:53

    Just yesterday, Congo (DRC) Zhengwei Company general manager Zhao Dianfang and the general manager of Congo Aviation Administration Mr. BILENGE ABDALA  signed the construction contract for Kalemi National Airport.
    The project is located in the Congo (DRC) Carlisle City, east of Lake Tanganyika. The project mainly includes the design and construction of a terminal, the control tower and the technical room as well as the equipment supply and installation. The construction area of about 3196 square meters, for the period of 540 days, tax-inclusive contract amount of $18 million 720 thousand.
    The project is another airport project WIETC contracted in DR Congo besides Kinshasa Ndjili Airport and has laid a good foundation to better explore the Eastern market.

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