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    ADD: 16 Tongyi Road, Weihai City, China

    TEL: 86-0631-5233588

    FAX: 86-0631-5224345

    Current Location:Home > Engineering Case > Public Buildings

    Project Name:Office Building of Petroleum Company

    Completion Time:2014.08

    Project Brief:The project is located in Brazzaville, the capital of Republi…

    Project Name:China Aid Government Office Building

    Completion Time:2005.11

    Project Brief:The project is the office building of the Foreign Affairs Mi…

    Project Name:Huawei Technique Training Center

    Completion Time:2012.05

    Project Brief:The project is located in the Demoncratic Republic of Congo, …

    Project Name:30 June Square

    Completion Time:2010.06

    Project Brief:The project is located in Kinshasa, the capital city of DR Co…

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